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Step-by-Step Guide: Applying for a Dental Voucher (OHFFSS) in the Dentist Camden

Do you need dental care but are worried about the cost? Don’t stress—the Oral Health Fee For Service Scheme (OHFFSS) might be just what you need! It’s a program designed to help folks like you get the dental treatment you need from the best Dentist Camden without breaking the bank. 

Scroll down your fingers and learn how to get your hands on one of these handy vouchers.

OHFFSS: Making Dental Care Affordable for Everyone

OHFFSS is a government-sponsored programme that helps people access affordable dental treatment. It is available for anyone who would find it difficult to get into normal dentist offices, particularly in an emergency.

This programme aims to ensure that everyone can receive quality dental treatment without breaking the bank. By making dental treatments more affordable, OHFFSS makes it easy for everybody to maintain good oral hygiene.

OHFFSS Voucher Details

Three types of vouchers may be issued depending on a patient’s dental needs. The maximum amounts payable for these authorised vouchers are:

  • Urgent Care Voucher: $450.00 (or as printed on the voucher)
  • General Care Voucher: $1000.00 (or as printed on the voucher)
  • Denture Care Voucher: $1750.00 (or as printed on the voucher)

Important Note:

Local health districts (LHDs) and specialty health networks may:

  • Raise or lower voucher limits in line with local policy. This means the amount you receive on your voucher may differ depending on your location.
  • Pre-authorise and fund other dental services (ADA items) not listed in this schedule if they are applicable to your specific situation or treatment plan.

Always refer to the information printed on your voucher for the exact coverage details.

Who is Eligible for OHFFSS?

OHFFSS vouchers are for emergency or unaffordable treatments through the Priority Oral Health Programme or authorised channels. These coupons can be used for dental emergencies, routine dental care, or custom dentures.

To be eligible for dental care through OHFFSS, adults must reside within:

  •  the LHD boundary, 
  • be 18 years or older, 
  • possess a valid Medicare card and 
  • hold one of the following Australian Government concession cards: 
    • Health Care Card, 
    • Pensioner Concession Card, or 
    • Commonwealth Seniors Health Card.

Remember that to be eligible, holders of State Seniors Cards must also have another valid concession card. See the eligibility policy directive “Eligibility of Persons for Public Oral Health Care in NSW” for further information.

How to redeem the OHFFSS?

Following are the steps to redeem the OHFFSS Voucher:

1. Check if You’re Eligible

First things, ensure you qualify for the OHFFSS program. Take a peek at the eligibility criteria mentioned above.

2. Get the form

If you’re eligible, grab the application form. Contact South Western Sydney at (02) 9293 3333.

3. Fill Out the Form

Okay, got your form? Great! Now, fill it with information like your name, contact info, and maybe a bit about your income and healthcare situation.

4. Get Your Documents Ready

You might need to show some documents to prove you’re eligible.

5. Send It Off

All set? Great! Send your form and documents to the Dentist in Campbelltown or your preferred clinic. Drop it off, mail it, or email it – whichever suits you best!

6. Wait for the Good News

Just wait for the team to review your application and notify you of approval. It may take some time, so please be patient!

Step 7: Get Your Voucher and Smile

Approved? Get a voucher for treatment at the Dental Clinic. Follow instructions, book, and visit Family Dentist Campbelltown!

That’s it! With OHFFSS, get the care you need stress-free. Bradbury Dental Surgery now accepts OHFFSS vouchers for eligible Campbelltown residents, providing quality dental care at affordable rates. From Veneers to dental implants, we offer everything that a dental patient is looking for.  Take that first step toward a healthier, happier smile with Bradbury!